Ch Hillspan Juggernaut For Noiratan ShCM

DOB: 19/5/2006


Shown throughout 2007/8/9/10. He has had a great showing career, below are his awards;


Windsor Ch Show July 2007 - RCC

Richmond Ch Show September 2007 - DCC & BOB & Group Shortlist

LKA Ch Show 2007 - RCC 

Bath Ch Show May 2008 - DCC & BOB & Group Shortlist

Three Counties Ch Show June 2008 - BD & BOS 

Blackpool Ch Show June 2008 - DCC & BOB & Group 4 

Min Pin Club Ch Show September 2008 - DCC & BIS 

Crufts Ch Show March 2009 - RCC 

UK Toy Dog March 2009 - DCC & BOB 

WELKS Ch Show April 2009 - RCC 

Three Counties Ch Show 2009 - Best Dog

Richmond Ch Show September 2009 - DCC 

WELKS Ch Show April 2010 - DCC & BOB & group shortlist 

Three Counties Ch Show 2010 - BD & BOS

Bournemouth Ch Show August 2010 - DCC & BOB & Group Shortlisted Jill Peak

Boston Ch Show 2011 - BD and BOB

On the move
On the move

Critiques for Dexter...

WELKS 2010 - CC & BOB, Santoriello's Ch Hillspan Juggernaut for Noiratan, lovely size, beautiful head shape, eyes and expression so pleasing, soundly constructed and so positive on the move, superbly schooled to make the most of his virtues, resulting in a nonstop showman with an air of quality. Albert Wight

Bournemouth CA 2010 - OD (13) Wonderful class. 1 Santoriello's Ch Hillspan Juggernaut for Noiratan ShCM, of real Pinscher shape & carriage, square, sturdy & with excellent topline, chest, rib & tailset, well angulated, went with great style, some lift in his front action & excellent rear. His tan could be a little richer but that is minor in my book against all of his quality. In great form and has ring presence. CC & BOB. Frank Kane